18 Nov 2016

Zheep Zheep

This couple you may recognize from a local pet store or friendly aviary, they are Zebra Finches. And far from being cooped up in a cage here in Australia, they are fun loving little zips of energy! We affectionately call them 'Zeebeez' and they affectionately call us 'zheep zheep'. They make the cutest little collection of 'zheeps' and are lovely to boot.
Graham and I have seen hundreds of them but still get excited when we hear them approaching in their small flocks. They are shy but numerous so aren't difficult to snap a picture of. This couple was watching the sunset with us. And I don't mean that as an anthropomorphism, I truly mean it. They flew in all aflutter with a small flock and then these two paired off and sat lovingly together for 15 minutes just looking out towards the falling sun.

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