15 Nov 2016

The Launch of Picture-A-Day

So it's been a while since we've written, we will write a longer post with more info later on when we find internet/time! Both of which turn out to be quite important if you want to be a blogger.
We bought a new camera while we were in Broome! A nice Canon EOS 600D with a good zoom lens that Angie has fallen in love with. As a result, we will be trying a new thing where we post a picture everyday from our travels! Due to the aforementioned 'internet/time' issue, they will be set up to post automatically though. Little effort; Maximum gains.

This picture is from the first day we got the camera. It was taken at Gantheume Point on Cable Beach in Broome, Western Australia. This location is very close to our hearts because we would drive down to the beach regularly for sunset while we lived in Broome. This lighthouse is functioning and has a huge osprey nest halfway up, very cool but you can't quite see it in the picture. Interesting fact: Osprey are the only bird of prey that carry their fish facing forwards. But I digress. Beautiful sunset, beautiful place.

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