20 Nov 2016

Fairy Wrens

We have become quite enamored with one of the smallest avian members of the Australian forests and scrublands... the Fairy Wren. We have seen a handful of different types and they have never ceased to capture our imagination. It has been a goal of ours to get a good picture of one of the males as they are quite brilliantly coloured and much more illusive. We finally found a great location, Borunup Forest Maze. They were everywhere.
We had a handful of great shots before we even exited the van! We went off scurrying after them as they playfully bounded through the lush undergrowth. We call them 'Popcorn Mice' as they kind of roundly bumble around and are quite small (8-10cm).
Here are a handful of our favourite photographs that we are quite proud of:

As you can see, very cute little birds!!

I think we will try to do more bird series as we go along and gather enough pictures. There's something that feels quite rewarding in getting a good shot.

Coming soon: Carnaby Cockatoos, Western Corellas, 'Twenty eight' Ring-Neck Parrots, and more!

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