22 Nov 2016

Emus and the advent of life

Probably what Mr. Emu exclaimed as his wife walked away from the nest, leaving him in charge of raising the children alone. I can imagine her smug look of satisfaction as she turns the patriarchy of the animal kingdom on its head. She's probably going of to join the lady seahorses for tea. What a woman.

This delightful octosome was seen driving to Hamelin Pool, better known as Shark Bay. Shark Bay is very famous for those geologically inclined (or deep historians) who just don't mind looking at something utterly underwhelming (after driving 100s of km just to see it) as long as they know there is some deeper meaning. They are stromatolites, the origins of life on Earth. They are the pioneers of mankind. They are the building block of all living things! And they look rather like weird rocky mounds. See below. The scenery kind of makes up for their... underwhelmingness....

I think you can see why we lead with the Emu. Riveting stuff these things. 
Truthfully. I love it. This is our third visit :) Can't stay away.  

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