16 Jan 2017


For the past weekish, we have been in and around Adelaide.  It has been lovely,  but one particular highlight has been the wild koalas!  We have seen 4 in the past three days including this very cute one just above the hight I could reach in a tree along a sidewalk!

14 Jan 2017

Phone issues....

Contrary to popular belief,  we are not simply ignoring this blog,  we have in fact been having serious phone death issues.  They are solved now!  We will be taking an afternoon soon to do a big ole post with lots of pics and such,  but for now a quick update.  We at in the lovely Adelaide.  It is a city surrounded entirely by parks. Quite nice. Below is a picture of the big shiny balls on the Rundle Mall pedestrian St.

7 Jan 2017

The Nullarbor

Across the Nullarbor! We have officially done it! One of the longest most remote sections of road. Over 1255 km we passed through just one town. A town with 86 residents..... There are 8 or 9 Roadhouse along the way as well. They offer fuel and accomodation and are spaced usually 185-195 kms apart. It was a long way and a fair bit of driving! One of the nights we spent just at the top of some absolutely amazing cliff s. I will post one pic of that but will wait for the rest from the camera instead of my phone. Here are some pictures from the crossing. Btw it has been pouring rain all day today.... Will post more about the crossing in the next few days.

4 Jan 2017

Snowman series

This is the first of our new snowman posts! The snowman is from a good friend back home and we got it for Christmas. We are going to take photos of him in as many places as we can. This first place is at the super pit in Kalgoorlie. We are about to head out of town now! On to new adventures and the east!

20 Dec 2016

Levitating for Joy! Post 100!

I don't think it's an over explanation to say that I cackle with laughter whenever I get a shot of a bird mid jump. Cackle... with laughter. As if there is any other kind of cackle. Cackle with sadness.... nope. Laughter.
Happy 100 posts!!!!
Anyways... I thought we would share the joy here!


That last one is not really jumping, but ooooooo it is so cute!

10 Dec 2016


Here is a snake! Very few live ones we have seen on our travels, and this guy is probably the biggest. He was around 1.5-2 m long. He is some sort of python. He was sunning himself on the road, so we tried to move him on. It took a while as he was reluctant to move. But we eventually got him to get off the road.

8 Dec 2016

Angie and Graham In A Bigger Tree

This is the Giant Tingle Tree. Another red tingle just down the path. They used to let you park your car in these big trees, but they trees didn't like it so they put an end to that.