31 Mar 2015

Sitting in the Morning Sun

Wow how time flies! I cannot believe that it is the last day of March already! it seems like just a few days ago we decided to do this, but looking around the apartment I can see that is not the case.

We are quite a long ways along into the pulling everything out of where it has lived and deciding if we will a) take it to Australia, b) keep it and box it and move it to one of our parents house's c) try and sell it d) throw it away!

There are lots of things we have already gone option d with, but it still feels like we have been invaded by hoarders a little bit, although it is reasonably well organized. We have a Value Village/Sell pile, a garbage/recycle pile and a nice stack of keep things all in apple boxes or big bags. That is the keep pile, otherwise known as stuff we have to somehow transport to Courtenay or Vernon...

Although it looks, seems and feels a little daunting now, we still have lots of time to keep at it before we have to leave. It is kind of incredible how much stuff can live in a closet, and how much space it takes up if you put it in the middle of the floor.

In other news our little flower "garden" on our balcony is blooming like crazy right now. All the bulbs I planted at christmas have come up and are looking very nice. So far we have lots of little daffys and some tulips opened up with many more on the way.

It is a bit of a murky day out there with some pretty dark looking clouds, but at the moment the sun is streaming in and it is lovely. Yesterday was quite warm. We went up to Sidney and had a little walk around, then a little explore of some back roads on the way home.

Angie is off to work very soon, and I start at noon, so I think I am going to wrap this up and sign off. By the way, this is me trying out a new way of separating our posts, with different authors. This way it is easy to see the ones I write, the ones Angie writes, and the ones we write together. At some point once we will set up some sort of a schedule of posts, probably one of each of those a week, spread around, plus any extras when we have things we just need to share!

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