19 Mar 2015

Musings From a Rainy Night

The days and weeks are going by both quickly and slowly as we draw nearer to our departure. We have been filling our mutual days off with little adventures out and about in the Victoria area, visiting old favorites and discovering new places. 

Our adventuring today brought us on a nice little drive through the city to Beacon Hill Park. We spent a little while trying to play with the ducks....they were reluctant....We think they were scared of Angie's yellow rain jacket. From there we headed to Clover Point and played with the ocean a little bit. It was a bit gray and rainy, but nice. We stopped by my work and got food for lunch - yummy tacos.

Angie is at work now and I am at home watching a movie and listening to the rain fall softly. It is amazing to think that in a month and a half I will be many thousands of kilometers away in the tropical rainforest of far north Queensland. It is an exciting period in our lives and we cannot wait to get it started. We have started boxing up some things  and we aim to keep doing that so we don't have a big rush right before we move out. We will inevitably have a big stressful rush right at the end still, but it is a nice thought.

Anyways, just a few musings from a rainy night.

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