1 Mar 2015

Who We Are and Why We're Here

We are Graham and Angie and we are started this blog to let you all know what is going on in our lives. We hope that what follows is as interesting to you as it is to us.

Us in Florida a year or so ago
First off, why don't we give you a bit of a run down on what we are all about. We both finished BSc degrees from the University of Victoria, and since then have just been working in jobs that while entertaining at times are not what we really want to be doing. This led us to the drastic decision of leaving house and home and job and car and heading off into the wide world to try and make a go of it somewhere else.

Warm ocean was considered essential by Angie, and since I had done a university exchange there a couple years ago, we chose Cairns - in the tropical far north of Queensland, Australia - as our first destination. We will likely move on from there, but in the mean time, we are counting down the days until, two months from now when we will be jumping onto a long metal tube which will carry us at hundreds of miles an hour across the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean.

In the meantime, we are spending as little money as we can, as every dollar counts towards making it easier to stay in Australia. In that vein of thought, we will not be simply lolligaging around on the beautiful northern beaches of the Cairns area (though we do plan some of that for sure), no we will be trying desperately to find work, as that is what will allow us to stay.

Said beautiful Northern Beaches, Clifton to be exact.
"Aha!" you say, sitting upright in your chair, "But you cannot simply work in another country!". Well, we thought of that, and have both received working holiday visas, that let us do just that. They will let us fund our lolligaging through working there, which is a pretty neat deal if you ask me.

Since I said I would keep this brief (I didn't), I will end it there with the promise of more to come in the following days, months, and hopefully couple of years. We are not bloggers by nature, although I have tried during previous travels of mine, but we will make every effort to each do a post a week as a bare minimum, more when we do exciting things.

For now though, it is time to go to bed.

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