24 Mar 2015

Sunny Thoughts in Victoria

Angie here, it's been a little while since I've written so I thought I would make an update! We sold our table the other day to a nice couple. They are adventurers that are in the process of settling down (I'm assuming to start a family because they're around the right age) so we felt that was a nice send off for our table: From my family to theirs. Again, I know it's the sentimental side of me coming out, but it feels nicer to know that it will be in a good home. 

There's still quite a few things that need to be sorted out and boxed up but I'm surprised by my lack of inhibition. I would have expected to feel the pains of change but I'm not. If you know me, I have a strong history of resisting change so this is a big departure from normality! 

It could be that I'm so accepting of this change because I feel as though there's no other option I want to pursue. The way I see it, I would have to find a new job and a new apartment to 'wash' the slate a bit in Victoria. I have been living in the same area for 5 years and I think that it's beginning to feel like a holding pattern. 

All the while I was in school I was waiting to get my degree and find a nice geology job somewhere else... but since a lot of science is dead in BC right now, I just don't feel that as an option (Note: I relinquished my right to complain about the government because I didn't vote). 

Graham and I decided that the soul crushing monotony would be nicely abated with a dip in a warm ocean! We brought up two options: A) Little week or so long vacation to somewhere warm and then we'd think about a big trip in ~6 months or... B) Big trip as soon as possible!! 
We drew up a spreadsheet and input our wages, rent, food money, etc. It turned out that we would have enough money (and contingency) to leave by the beginning of May! A few days later we had our work VISAs, our plane tickets, and a place to stay when we arrived! 

Rent is $880 for reference
And look how well we're doing keeping on a small budget :) 
This is between March 1-24(today) but it doesn't include Grahams banking... admittedly he does pay for a lot of the groceries...
I still think it's quite good though :)

So ready for this!

On a side note, I've decided that I want to get a little tattoo with my best friend Jessica before I go... I really like the idea of a small strawberry because we used to have matching 'best friend' strawberry necklaces about 4 years ago, as shown below! The little design on the right is closer to what I want though... we're still thinking of what placement we want but it'll be small :)

But more like this design

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