2 Mar 2015

Goodbye to an Old Couch

Angie here, we've decided on an interim solution for differentiating who's typing by being colour coded! Eventually Graham wants to fiddle with it and figure out how we can sign in through different emails and it will tell you who's typing... but for now... DIBS RED

So it's a bit weird (and the first step is realizing that) but I'm crying because I just sold my couch.

This thing of beauty. 
I like to think of myself as sentimental but I think the bigger problem is that I anthropomorphise too much. Sometimes there's no place for it, but I think that this couch was different. My couch was an old friend because it's been in my family for as long as I can remember. Literally. One of my earliest memories is sitting on the couch in my grandmas basement in Edson, Alberta and unwrapping a Ken doll for Christmas. 

Shortly afterwards, the couch was moved to my families house in Edson. A few years later, when my Mum discovered that Magic Erasers are indeed magic, we were cleaning the couch and we found the tag for the Ken doll! It had simply disappeared into the couch along with all the memories from earlier days. That is what this couch had meant to me.

It's never complained, or asked for anything, it's just absorbed the memories and stood proud wherever it was. When I moved to Victoria, it waited patiently for me to get an apartment and then followed me. When I got a terrible roommate, it stood with me and waited until I had had enough. When I moved to a new apartment and it came with me, there was never a question. 
But now the apartment isn't just my apartment. And this life isn't just mine. I share it with my handsome prince. And we are far to ambitious to be tied down by a couch!

I like to think he loved the couch as well, but in the end it just couldn't stay. It's because of this trip that I have to say goodbye to my couch, and I'm sorry if I feel a little bit like I've betrayed it. I know that I'm the only one that will love it like it deserves, but I also know that I'm not going to always have it. 
Handsome Prince. Worth it. 

I think this is a big part of moving on from Victoria and preparing to move to Australia. I also think that this is the hardest part... so the silver lining? After this, everything else will be easy. 
And I think it makes it okay.

So here's to an old friend with a new home! 
And here's to a young woman (and her handsome prince) with a new adventure!

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