22 Dec 2015

Broome to Exmouth

This is going to be a bit of a blast from the past! This is a post that I started way back when we were in Coral Bay. The computer battery ran out before I could finish. It is going to be mostly pictures with little descriptions. All of the pictures are from the drive from Broome to Exmouth and the Ningaloo Coast.

This is looking northeast along 80 mile beach. This was pretty much our only stop the first day of driving. It is very much like cable beach in Broome, but is a full 80 miles long. One can drive on it but as we dont have a 4wd we did not.

Looking out at the sea from 80 mile beach.

This is Port Hedland. It is not a particularly nice place, but great if you like ships!

The drive south from Port Hedland to Karijini is just spectacular scenery, at least when you can see it through all the road trains! This section of road was just chockers full of them!

The view from our campsite back down towards the highway.

Enjoying some Matsos with a view.

Sexy Lexi.

The amazing Karijini entrance gate.

Dales Gorge

Fortescue Falls.

Scruffy Graham going for a hike.

Angie overlooking Dales gorge

Amazing view!

Natural seams of blue asbestos.

Hancock Gorge. Amazzing hike.

Scramble or swim!

Spider walk.

Just after Kermits Pool


Beautiful! The gorges are nice too!


Giant Shrimp in Exmouth

Even scruffier Graham!

Sunset never gets old!

Crabs in the campground eating ants! So funny!

Little geckerkins!


Even more even scruffier Graham just after snorkeling.

Abe Lincoln Graham half way through shaving.

There are a lot more things to say and pictures to post but I will leave it at this for now as my finger really hurts for some reason.

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