10 Dec 2015


We are still in Bali for another 5ish days. Last night and tonight we are in Padangbai. It is a fishing village and a major transport hub to the Gili Islands and to Lombok.

We are slightly unsure of where we are going to go next, but that is quite fun in many ways.

Bali is such a crazy place. It can be a bit frustrating at times with all the people trying to sell you things and offering transport, but you get used to it and in some areas it is a bit less like that than others. One advantage is that if you ever need to go anywhere you really don't have to look very far to find either a scooter to rent or a car and driver to hire. You can quite literally ask anyone and they will know someone.

It is actually pretty funny when people are just riding by on their scooters and offering to rent them to you from under their bums.

Apart from being a bit pushy in the tourist areas, the people are very lovely. They all seem to have a wonderful big smile and will say hello. Around Munduk up in the mountains s it was very nice. Very few tourists. Walking through rice paddy's and up and down the steep lush valleys was pretty amazing. The view was amazing too.

I don't have any pictures to post as we take moat of the pictures with Angies phone and we need the computer (in Perth) to post from it. But don't worry, there are lots.

From Munduk we went down to the north coast to the town of Lovina. It sounded lovely, but it wasn't... It kinda seems like a place that that got built up in preparation for a heyday about 15 years ago, but the heyday never came and now everything is shabby and tired.

The beach was not very nice either. It was black gravel basically and dirty. People were very pushy as well. We did have some amazing food there though.

We took the bus back over the mountains to Ubud and then on to Padangbai where we are now. The road over the mountains is spectacular. It takes such a long time to go anywhere in Bali even though the distances are quite small. When we went from Ubud to Munduk it was only 40 km but it took more than 2 hours!

Anyhow, I am having a pineapple jaffle for breakfast right now so I am going to concentrate on that!

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