15 Dec 2015

Street Scene

We have now come to our last morning in Bali! It feels like we have been here for such a long time, but on the other hand it feels like we just arrived. Walking last night I finally remembered to take a picture of the crazy traffic that is Indonesia.

This is just what it is like trying to walk down the street. Scooters all around squishing through cars, other scooters going the other way on the sidewalk. It is pretty incredible, but the most amazing thing to us was that we saw no accidents and in fact almost no cars with scuffs or dents.

And that the drivers seem to all have a somewhat zen like calm about them. People on scooters just pull out in front and they kinda just go around, then there is a huge pile of gravel on. The road and everyone just sorta squishes around it. It was pretty neat.

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