4 Feb 2016

We are still here!

Although it may seem like it we have not abandoned this blog! We are still alive and kicking. We are still in Kalgoorlie which seems to be a place that reels one in then traps them.

We are doing work towards our second year visa. We were initially going to be taking part in the grape harvest near Margaret River which would have argua been a nicer choice than what we are doing but hey.

We are working at Kalassay, part of Beurau Veritas. It is part of the massive gold industry around here. The reason we decided to do it is that it is slightly related to both my geography degree and more related to Angies geology degree. Plus we are close to Angies cousin where we spent Christmas.

Work is hard and long, 10 hours a day starting at 6 and we are often doing overtime on Saturdays. We are saving lots of money though!

Anyhow we are back to not having any internet again except for on Our phones. We are living in a unit in a caravan park. It is nice to have our own space.

Anyhow, that's it for now!

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