19 Jun 2015

Katherine Again

So we have now completed our jaunt north to Darwin. Litchfield NP was amazing, Kakadu turned out to be a bit more Kakadon't. First off it is about 600km of driving at a minimum, plus there are $50 passes you need to buy, plus camping costs, plus there is really not much to see without a 4WD...We took a good look at some wetlands and Angie booked some new types of birds, as well as taking a look at a few really nice aboriginal art sites. All the waterfalls and such are very pretty but about 50km of 4WD track separate the road from the falls.....

We are going to take a quick stop at some hot springs near Kathrine and head out west toward Kununurra. It seems as tho there is quite a lot to do around there.

Anyways that is us for now!

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