16 Jun 2015

All The Way North

Darwin! We made it. It is sure a bit of a drive! We have already put near over 5000km on the car! I don't think we will be staying too long here although it is beautiful. It is just too hot! We splurged last night and slept in a hostel last night. 

The past couple weeks we have done very well not to pay for campsites. There is a lot of free camping here, but none anywhere near Darwin! 

We spent the night before last in Litchfield national park at the Florence falls site. It was wonderful. The previous few days we spent with some friendly Germans we met camping. 

We spent an entire day in the wonderful thermal waters of Bitter Springs. So good.

Anyhow off to Kakadu now, then west again through Kunnumara and on towards Broome. Lots to see! 
On the side of the highway about to be attacked by flies!

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