3 May 2015

Homeless and Loving It!

As of the 28th of April, Angie and I have officially been homeless! It has been wonderful so far and packed with many adventures around each of our family homes.

This was our apartment just before we left. It was very odd having it all empty as it has been a wonderful place to live for such a long time. 

Last minute cleaning went well, and we were out at about 1:30 in the afternoon ready for the drive up island to Courtenay to my parents place. 

Since I was leaving my car there and we still needed to move Angie's car up to Vernon, we were driving up in separate cars. We convoyed all the way up island with beautiful weather. We hit just a few spots of rain but mostly it was sun, empty roads and good driving.

Both cars were loaded to the brim with the last of our stuff, to be stored in Courtenay or in Vernon. It is about a three hour drive to get to my parents place, and it just keeps getting nicer as you get out of the city and stop lights finally and end up on the big empty freeway. with just the scenery for company.

Anyhow, here is a bit of a video showing us unpacking both of the cars, then repacking the red one for the drive up to the Okanagan. Enjoy it in HD for best effect!

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