15 May 2015

A Little Bit of Cairns and Other Things

It is so lovely to be back in Cairns! It was neat to stay once again in the hostel I stayed at before, and to share some of the places I liked here with Angie as I never really had anyone to share them with before. 

That is the central courtyard of the hostel. We have done so much walking here, much much more than we usually would do back home. Much of it has been up and down the esplanade, the park/walkway that goes the entire length of the city along the seashore. It is about 2.5km from one end to the other and filled with lots of green areas, birds, trees, volleyball courts and much more.

When we were staying in the hostel we made it a habit of going for big long walks early in the morning before it got hot. It is gorgeous to see all the colors of the light as the sun comes up.

I thought I would also post a couple pictures from Rangitoto in New Zealand.

It was an amazing hike up and then kinda just a long walk back to the boat, but still very very worth it. Auckland is in a gorgeous place in the world and we long to go back to New Zealand to explore the rest of the country!

Back to Cairns. A couple of mornings ago we went on an early morning hike with the friend we are staying with. She had to go to uni so we left before 6. The hike is to a place called Glacier Rock, and it starts at the bottom of the escarpment and then goes up. Very up. I think it is about 300 something meters up. It was a beautiful time of day to do it as it was nice and cool. The view from the top was just stunning. I think it took almost two hours to get up there. We enjoyed a nice breakfast of quiche at the top.

At the top Angie found this skink and it was very patient in posing for a nice little photo-shoot.

 Anyhow, today is another day. It rained this morning and a bit last night which is unseasonable, but very welcome as the wet season was rather dry. It looks to be clearing off now tho which is nice!

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