12 Apr 2015

Packing and Planning

When Graham and I aren't working (both of us are full time right now) we are busy going through/packing/donating/tossing all of our stuff!
We've donated a grand total thus far of 6 large blue recycle bags of clothes, 2 boxes of kitchenware and a handful of miscellaneous.  Amazing how much stuff we've decided won't be missed. What a material couple we* had been!
*Full disclosure... it was mostly my stuff... probably 99% of it was all from me...

Today we did a test run of how/what we would be bring to Aus with us. It was incredible how much we could fit into our bags. We have two Sea to Summit Compression Sacks (L) which were lovingly gifted from Grahams parents.

<--- These things are just FANTASTIC. I cannot say enough about them. They become incredibly dense and heavy, but you can fit so much more. Even without this wonderful method we would have more than enough room for all we plan to bring though, which is great because it means we have some accumulation room. I like accumulation room. I like accumulating things.

Graham and I had a conversation about our strategy once we get off the plane in Auckland at 5am. I figured that I would be completely exhausted by being on a plane for 14 hours and would immediately feel the need for a shower, a hair dryer, and some fresh makeup (AKA war paint; confidence to face the world). Graham figures that I won't be so tired because the plane is quite different than I'm expecting. He says that it is a wide body plane and will have much more comfortable seats than the flight to Florida.
I have to say that I'm not convinced, but he has at least convinced me that I won't need to check in to a hotel immediately to feel human...

Hyundai Getz
We figure that we'll start by renting a car, getting all our gear settled off our backs and onto the seats and then tour the morning a bit. I am extremely into the idea of renting a car brand I have never seen before (Holden, Daihatsu, etc), but he says we'll likely get a Mazda or Hyundai. Luckily though he said probably a Hyundai Getz, which I had never heard of? It looks like a funny little hatchback car. Cute, no?

Here's a cute little video of our packing efforts:

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