10 Oct 2016

Pictures Pictures Pictures!

Wow, it is amazing how fast a month can go by! It seems like I was just writing a few days ago, and yet it also seems like forever. We have been pretty busy the last while. When I last wrote I was just in training to become a guide for the tour company and Angie was still working at the hotel.

I have now been guiding for about a month or so and it is great! I have been doing the two day tours we run. The first is up the Dampier Peninsula to Cape Leveque, and the other is to Windjana Gorge and Tunnel Creek, both about 400km east of Broome.

I have been doing the trip up the peninsula on sundays and the Windjana on on mon, wed and fri. It is really quite a neat job! It is a lot of driving though, but I dont mind too much. The trip to Cape Leveque is just a little bit less then 500km and the other trip a shade over 800km.

The tours have mostly been full busses, meaning 21 passengers on board which is really good for the end of the season. I think it is because of the unseasonably cold winter and spring down south that people are still coming up here. The driving doesnt tire me out so much, it is more meeting so many people every day. That said, I really do like meeting the people.

Some of the things we see on tour are just amazing too. I love the sunsets on the Gibb River Road, and the crocodiles in the tunnel creek cave. All such amazing things. Every day is different too. Each group of people is different, but also the wildlife, weather, ect all makes for an exciting day every time.

On the way back home each night I tend to stop so the pax can take a picture of the truck sitting on the dirt road, and I always seem to end up taking a picture as well. Here are some of the highlights of those pictures for me. Many of the sunsets are taken at the end of the dirt section of the Gibb River Road at approx 17.4424 S 124.3056 E.

Angie has also had a fun time in the past while with work. She was at the hotel doing housekeeping but had the opportunity to go out on a 12 day tour with Kimberley Wild as a host. On the extended tour we have a driver/guide and a host, so she got to go out for a trip around the Kimberley with our friend and fellow guide Brenton. She had an amazing time as one can imagine, and we are both very excited by the prospect of potentially doing this full time together next season. If you are curious about the tours, check out the Kimberley Wild website. They have maps and photos and itineraries of all the tours we do.

We had a very nice night last night down at the beach. A few friends were having a going away party a few kms up the beach. There was a fire, burgers, beer, wine and we all stayed down there until close to midnight sitting in the warm breeze off the Indian Ocean. It was pretty magical.

Anyhow, here are some photos from tours and a little bit about them.

  First solo tour parked for afternoon tea and a swim at the East Beach of Kooljaman
 Truck down at West Beach of Kooljaman getting a view of Cape Leveque
 Truck on the road heading back home down to Broome after a Cape Leveque tour.
 Lunch with a view at One Arm Point Trocus Hatchery. Tide rips through that channel at 11kn!
 Sunset on the way home from Windjana/Tunnel Creek on the side of the Gibb River Road
 A couple of little fresh water crocs out of the water in Tunnel Creek cave.
 Sunset on the Gibb.
 Overcast day on the West Beach of Kooljaman.
 Heading home from the Cape.
 Sunset on the Cape Leveque Road.
 Sunset on the Gibb.
 Almost sunset on the Cape Leveque Road.
 Little bit of mud on the Cape Leveque Track.
 All the things on the other bank are fresh water crocs. 140 or so live in this small pool at Windjana.
 One face of Windjana Gorge.
 Sunset on the Gibb.
 Sunset on the Gibb.
 Pax getting their photos of sunset on the Gibb.
 Truck parked at Windjana. Tiny world hey!
 The world is inside out at the end of Tunnel Creek Cave.
 Sunset on the Gibb.
 Car passing at sunset on the Gibb.
 Trocus shell hatchery at One Arm Point.
 Round Rock Lookout at Ardyaloon.
 Same picture as before, just edited differently!!
 West Beach and Cape Leveque.
 Truck down at West Beach.
 Ruins of Lilimooloora Station with the Napier Range.
 Jandamarra Lives!
 Truck stopped at Windjana.
 Sunset on the Gibb.
 Sunset on the Gibb.
 Sunset on the Gibb.
 Sunset on the Gibb.
Sunset on the Gibb.

I hope you enjoyed these photos. It is amazing to go out and see these things every day. I tend not to take too many photos of the things themselves as I am leading the passengers around, but these are some of the things I see that I just love.

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