10 Sep 2015

More Shinju

These past couple of week have been pretty busy for both of us but that did not stop us from hitting up a couple more Shinju Matsuri events. We went down to the beach for the lantern festival which we had grand images of and I suppose so did the organizers, but like most of the festival it was pleasantly disorganized and didn't really work the way I think they intended it to.

All the little white dots in the distance are lanterns...in the day time still... None the less we ran into a few friends and walked and there was a guy playing guitar and it was nice.

The main event though was the final concert. There were several different performers all of them from Broome, but the one everybody was waiting for was the final act. The Pigram Brothers. They are a local band made up of 3 generations of the Pigram family. They play all original stuff and have a nice mix of genres to choose from. A couple of the songs had a sort of Santana ish feeling about them. We have heard a lot about them and finally got to see them.

The concert was in the amphitheater just off cable beach. It was an extremely pleasent evening. It was one of the guides birthdays and we met up with her and a couple other guides from Kimberley Wild and sat together. There we fresh mini donughts. To top it all off there was a great fireworks display. The Pigram Bros were playing then the fireworks started going off right overhead and lasted a good 7-8 mins. There was a sweet finale to the fireworks too with tons going off in a big burst. It was quite a good show!

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