12 Jul 2015

Graham's New Job!

I promised a post about my job and here it is! I work for an adventure tour company called Kimberley Wild Expeditions. We have off road tours in big 4wd busses from one day to 12 days. 

I work in the depot to turn the busses over after the come back from a trip. Usually at least two come back each day and it is my job to clean them inside and then pressure wash the outside. 

That is only one part of my job however as there is a lot of other preparation that must go into a tour. The guests mainly sleep in swags. They are an Australian cross between  tent and a sleeping bag. 

They have a mattress and a pillow inside them and they get rolled up tight to take up less room. They come off a bus at the end of a tour and I change the linens and roll them up as tight as possible.

A poorley rolled swag and a well rolled swag.
That job means there is also a lot of laundry to do with all the sheets and pillowcases and such as well as dish cloths. So doing that and hanging it on the line is another thing I do.

I also sometimes help with buying food for the tours. 20 people eat a lot of food on a 12 day tour! And there are busses (we actually call them trucks) leaving every day.

The hours are a bit weird but I don't mind them. I tend to start at 8 am and work till about 1 or 2 rolling swags, clean a bus maybe, tidy up the shed, then I leave and come back at 7pm for another couple or few hours to turn a bus that is going out early the next morning. 

That doesn't happen every day tho and when it does it is nice to have a 5 hour lunch! 

I like the people and the job is good too. The money is really good, in my first week and a half I made what I did in a month back home!

There are always lots of things to do and I can kinda work as much as I want. If I need to go in late it is never a problem either as it is really flexible.

Also free food. Lots of it. When the tours come back with half finished things either I take them or they get binned so yay! Also lots of free beer. 

Anyways that's kinda what I am doing! If I stay till the end of the season in October they will send me and probably Angie out on one of the 12 day tours which cost about $4000 each!

Hope you enjoyed!

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